The history of this house is strongly interwined with that of my family, where warm welcoming and savoir-faire are a long-standing tradition.

Dina and Angelo, my great-grandparents, used to spend here their rare moments of peace when they were able to escape from the kitchens turmoil of their restaurant, opened in Turin at the beginning of the last century. Since the 1920s, “Ristorante Specchi” had become a refined meeting place for intellectuals, politicians, industrialists and aristocrats. It was renowned for its hospitality, the great cuisine of its chefs and the elegance of its Art Déco interiors.The large mirrors reflected the lights of the chandeliers and the decoration of exotic taste. Waiters, in a white jacket, flocked to the tables where the Dukes of Genova e Savoia or the Princes of Liechtenstein often sat.Around midnight, the companies of great actors, such as Tito Schipa or Vittorio Gassman, used to gather for after-theatre dinner. At aperitif time, it was not uncommon to meet the charming Josephine Baker during her stays in Turin.

After the War, the family sold ‘Ristorante Specchi’. However, keen as they were for hospitality, they opened a delightful little mountain hotel in Val d’Aosta and a restaurant in Pino Torinese. A few years later Angelo and Dina moved permanently to this house and devoted themselves only to the restaurant in Pino, which had become a favourite countryside destination to enjoy its famous truffle and parmesan flan. With the death of the great-grandfather, the adventure broke off and the family took up other directions.

Nowadays, in my family home, among the mirrors and memories of this stunning little story, I welcome my guests with the attention and enthusiasm I was handed down with.