I like the idea of sharing my house and its very special atmosphere with people visiting Turin and Piedmont, so that they can enjoy a surplus of well-being. The history of Gli Specchi is strongly interwined with that of my family, where warm welcoming and savoir-faire are a long-standing tradition. My great grandma Dina chose this villa as a sort of buen retiro, a peaceful place far from the constant hurly-burly of a large, renown restaurant in Torino, opened by her husband Angelo in the early 1900s. During the 1920s, Ristorante Specchi became an elegant and refined meeting place for intellectuals, politicians and businessmen, who loved its sophisticated Art Déco interiors as well as chef Florindo’s cuisine. Sitting at a long banquet table, in a hall decorated with exotic subjects or on one of the bar tall stools, one might even come across Josephine Baker, during her stays in Torino. After the war, the family sold the restaurant and moved to this house. Thanks to his experience and acknowledged success, Angelo opened a new restaurant in Pino Torinese, but his premature death put an end to the family business. Now, in our family house, among mirrors and objects from a past linked to this amazing little story, I wish to welcome my guests with the descreet and refined care of a long and well established habit. Lorenzo Varale