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The historic home of Italy’s royal family, with a recent past as an industrial city, Turin combines its blue-blood and working-class two souls. The result is a culturally lively and provocative context that meets everyone’s wish and interest.
City of the Unification of Italy, Turin is the seat of the Museum of the Holy Shroud and International Centre of Sindonology, of the second most important Egyptian Museum of the world, and of many other important museums, such as the Automobile Museum and the Museum of The Cinema. With its descreet and genteel charm, this aristocratic city offers a range of memorable experiences, among which its innumerable wine and culinary delights.
For all who love to immerse in evocative royal atmospheres and spectacular scenaries, the Residenze Sabaude (UNESCO-World Heritage)) is an outstanding complex of more than ten royal residences radiating out into the countryside from the Royal Palace in the centre of Turin.